A note from Lisa

Travel is in my blood, I think I have some Roman Gypsy in me.  I have always got itchy feet.

From a young age I’ve had a solid work ethic, this was something I learnt from my parents, growing up in a 2 up 2 down in Manchester, seeing my parents work hard, for everything. 

First job was a paper round, then cleaning nursing homes, cooking in nursing homes (not sure if the death rate increased during that time), barmade… until I saved up enough to go on my first trip – aged 18 – my friend Hannah and I toured Spain for 6 weeks with our backpacks, nothing booked, just a map and whole lot of excitement.

On returning from that trip, I knew I wanted to travel more, so I got my head down, studied accounting, made as much money as possible and then Hannah & I set off but this time a bit further, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada & America – how lucky we were, I am so utterly grateful for that experience.

I just didn’t feel like the travel was done, and so I turned around and went to live in Fiji for a few months, helping to set up a resort out there, such an enriching experience and again one that I will be eternally grateful for.

I finally returned to the UK and moved to London, I had to swap one extreme for another, so I worked hard, partied hard, had an awesome few years experiencing life north & south of the river & really living life to the full. Working within finance, I qualified with ACCA and worked for insurance companies in the city.

I then met my husband, and we didn’t hang around, we got married pretty quickly, then jetted off to the Maldives on our honeymon – bliss.

In 2012 I had my first son, and my priorities totally changed, I quickly realised that senior finance & long hours were not conducive with having a new baby, I made the decision that family was going to be my focus.  I had 2 more children and during that time set up my own business, it meant that I could keep my finger in, but be there for every milestone.  It also enabled me to home school the children which has been an amazing experience.  My travel aspirations were put on hold, but my itchy feet meant that instead we moved house – a lot!

Then came the crazy idea, My husband and I had everything “on paper”, the big house, Waitrose shopping, no one wanting for anything – but were we happy? I was raising the children with hubby working crazy hours.  

So one day he came home from work and I just said, “lets sell up and go on a tour of Europe”.  I didn’t expect him to say yes, but I put forward a pretty good case, and he went for it! 

So 2019 was an awesome year of travels, in a motorhome, 3 kids & our dog Molly – for me, it was utter bliss, a freedom I cannot describe and most importantly tapped into my love and passion for travel which had certainly been put on hold for a while.

On our return to the UK I decided to start a new business – working with campsite / glampsite owners and like minded people that enjoy travel, My vision is to be travelling around, really helping businesses to succeed and flourish, I am an accountant and don’t want to waste years of study and experience and so I thought why not combine the two?

And so The Travelling Bookkeeper evolved.